Google Adsense New Ad Units: 300×600 and 970×90

Google has introduced a new Adsense ad unit called “Large Skyscraper” with dimensions 300×600 a few months back. It has become a big talk in the Internet circle among webmasters that this large ad unit will boost their CTR unlike anything. Unfortunately, this has not been the case in reality as the new ad unit is giving less CPC as there are no advertisers for this ad format. Most of the times, people are seeing 1 or 2 ads appearing in the space while the rest is left empty.

As this resulted in a big fail, Google has launched another ad unit called ‘Large Leaderboard’ with dimensions 970×90 a few days back. Even this format is new and so there are less advertisers for image rich ads and so by default 728×90 ad format is being displayed for image ads while for text ads, it is working great. The CTR for this new ad unit is pretty decent as of now.

If you’re planning to change your ad units with the newly launched ad units like Large Skyscraper or the Large Leaderboard, I’d suggest you to go with the latter as the 300×600 will occupy a lot of space in your sidebar pushing all the important elements to the bottom of the page.

And when creating the Leaderboard ad unit, remember to chose Text/Image-rich ads for better targeting.

Note: You may not see higher CTR or CPC immediately when any ad unit is placed. It would take some time to improve or attract advertisers.

Ideal Placement for 970×90 Ad Unit

Coming to the placement of the Super Leaderboard, it’s better if you place it under the navigation menu (center aligned) as this can only be fitted into that area for any blog.

The above review is solely based on my experience and it may differ from blog to blog and niche to niche. If you’ve used the ad units on your blog, please do share your views with us in the comments.