How to 6+2 Facts That Prove Wapka Is Not SEO Friendly

Hello Guys,In this time,some are stunting about is wapka optimized for Google?My answer is today only 35% optimized.I just researched and founded some reasons.I am sure you will disagree to this facts via comments.But don't worry,I am here to reply you.biggrin

Not on Yahoo and Bing
Yahoo and bing-popular search portals after Google.Their bot can't index wapka sites.Check top sites like Androidsite,awardnaija,9jabaze,kinwap.Only one page of these sites are only indexed in these search portals!!!

Blocked In Facebook
Social media has important role in SEO.But many sites with subdomain has been blocked in Facebook.It means you can't post and share links of these sites.Also Fb,Twitter,G likes,shares and follows doesn't synchronize with your site(Applicable to all wapka sites).It means Search Engine can't grab social details of site.Usually,Google gives good rank for sites which have good social reputation.We won't get it.

Nginx Errors
When anyone will visit wapka sites,He can see nginx error codes like 502,404,400,550(sometime).Then he will immediately click back button.It increases site's bounce rate.Increased Bounce rate is very bad for seo.Also the visitor will thing your site has been closed.He won't come back again.It reduces CTR.

URL problem(In forums)
Page url address are also an important seo rank factor.If you are posting about India,Make the link like will give you rank in search page.But if a wapka user writing about india,it will be like seo in urlrazz

Duplicate Content
We can access wapka sites with many url.For example,Take

All are pointing to site's homepage,It is very bad for seo.Google understands it as Duplicate Content.Because One content in multiple url.

Crawling Problem
Sometimes,wapka developer forum fills with complaints of users.They says their site's new pages and updates is not indexing in google by robots.txt problem.

Miscellaneous Errors
No ALT tag for thumbnail image in unified category and display page.
Sometimes,we can see Adult ads In site's bottom.Adult can harm SEO.