How to add alexa verification code to website?

Just like the Google Webmaster tools, also has nice services for webmasters. In order to verify a site ownership they ask for a custom meta-tag.Please add "alexaVerifyID" to the available meta-tags, like you already did with the "google-site-verification" meta tag.

How do i verify my site with officelive websites?

For example, to verify this is my account with Alexa this is what they ask for:

Upload this file to the root directory of ewzdfjxPVh6l00P3KHa3fq0.txt
The file contains: 
<meta name="alexaVerifyID" content="ewzdfjxPVh6a3fq0y6Zw" />
Note: You should be able to visit the page at: or

Verify my text file  Or, add this meta tag to the home page of
<meta name="alexaVerifyID" content="ewzdfjxPVh6l00P3KH" />
(Meta tags go between the opening <head> tag and the closing </head> tag of the HTML.)
Verify my meta tag

Where do I put these codes?

1st is open this url :-

2nd is :-  Register for an account or login account

3rd is :- click the dashboard option

4th is :- Add our site

5th is :- copy the code or paste your site. After paste the code Verify your site