How to add wapka sitemap to google webmasters tools

Hi all, Some webmasters do not want their sites to show in search engines while others want.Importance of submiting sitemap to google webmasters

- Googlebot will have easy access to your site's links.
- Googlebot will be able to know how your site is

Structured very important. 

How to submit wapka sitemap to google webmasters

1. To get started,click

2. Sign in using your gmail account. (i want to assume your site is already added to google webmasters and verified)

3. Click on crawl which you'll find by the left navigation bar.

4. Click on sitemap.

5. Then clikc add sitemap.

6. Input sitemap.xml

7. Then click add. You can choose to test it but it's not necessary as it's working.
After that you're done. Googlebot will crawl through your sitemap indexing webpages on your site.