How To Change Thumbnail In Content Management System In Wapka cpde

Wapka has been denied of so many functionalities and some wapmasters are finding it very difficult to adjust to this problem.Some wapmasters leave wapka for blog and php sites because of this limited functions.People like me who started from wapka will never leave wapka in good or bad rather i will be discovering an alternative way to meet this limited funtions.

Since the advent of content manager in wapka,alot of things has been different like the music part of it,it is absolutely impossible to change thumbnail for a music and this affected a lot of old and new wapka users especially me.

On the process to fix this and continue my upload with my site thumbnail i discovered this new trick that worked very fine for me.I have decided to share it with my precious site users.

Follow the step and you be able to change your site music thumbnail online in your site content manager.


Upload the music you want via url or any means you wish to.Edit the text as you want then submit like in the image below
Then place the below link on your browser url and edit the content manager details (IDs) as it was in your site original link.

  • Edit or change 1576949 to your site content manager music ID

  • 1398998 to your wapsite ID

  • Finally change 1065789 to your site content manager music category ID

  • Then for easy usage next time kindly bookmark the link on your browser

I hope you have done your by now,If you encounter any bug please let me know