How to Design Registration Page in Wapka Code

Helloo Friends we will Discuss - How to Design Registration Page in wapka sites easily.
First introduce Wapka Registration Page Link code

<a href=":url-reg-0:">Register</a>

  • Goto Admin Mode , enter- ES>User>User profile
  • Active user profiles and Display profile from in registration page - Mark Checkbox
  • Now find - Registration Profile From and Paste this code-

 <div class="Header">
Full Name* :</div>
<div class="Header">
Phone :<br/><small><small>International Format like +88017********</small></small></div>
<div class="Header">
Site Url :<br/><small><small>Must Write http://</small></small></div>
<div class="Header">
Site Title* :</div>
<div class="Header">
Payment Type* :</div>
::var+9(Wapka MB;Rs;Tk;$)::
Avove this code we used Variables(::var-number::) Tag. This tag create fields for input data. You may edit this and use huge Number of variables as you want. These Variables for this field will design reg page , so we will discuss about reg Variables only. Lets know Details about Variable Tag-
For redefined values (select menu) use following shape of variable ::var-N(text1;text2;text3)::

  • For example:    Gender: <br/> ::var-4(male;female):: 
  • You can use also this format of variable: ::var-N('value1'>'text1';'value2'>'text2')::

  • valueN is stored in database, but user see in select menu textN
  • Instead of redefined values you can set maximal length of the text:

  • Example:  Name: <br/> ::var-5(20)::
  • If you want Big textarea use this format:  ::var-N(area)::

Note:- ::var+N:: is same as ::var-N:: with little difference: if you insert + instead of -, value will be mandatory.

  • Now goto- ES>WAP2>Styles for login/registration>Registration Page and now paste this Code-

 <div class="lgn">
New User Registration</div>
<div class="sur">
<div class="Header">
Login Name :</div>
::login::<div class="Header">
Password :</div>
::password1::<div class="Header">
Verify password :</div>
::password2::<div class="Header">
::profile::<div class="Header">
  • Use your Own class setting. You may edit this code as you want but careful -read the tags details under this field and dont remove ::profile::  tag. Now submit it.
  •  Our work is finish and check now your Registration Page.

If any Problem plese write it in comment. Hoping your happy days with wapka !