How To Design Wapka Registration Page

Hello Frinds,Signup function and big number of registered users is dream of every web/wap site owners.Also you can add it on your wapka site.

Linking to signup page
This code used for link your visitors to registration page
<*a href="/registration_site.xhtml?do_id=0">Register<*/a>
Remove All * From Code  
You can replace Register with your own sweet words.

Designing Page

Go to EDIT SITE > Wap2 > Styles for login&registration > registration page
and look that textarea.Use this tags to design it.
::notifications:::br:Used to notify visitors.ex:-password don't match,user already exist.
::login ::
With this tag user will see input box he can choose his username.if username already taken he will get error message
This tag adds password box to REG page
Used to add confirm password box to REG page
Used to add email address box to REG page.
I recommends you don't use that tag.Remove it from that text box.
This tag adds write about himself to REG page.That only visibles for admin.
Used to add captcha verify method on REG page.
you can stock more info about users with this tag.Helps to learn users profile completely.
This tag Adds submit button.


You can add also HTML,JS,CSS on that textarea box.I recommend you to add it.It helps very much to design REG UPDATE STYLE after edit.