how to Get Google Adsense Approval for wapka , xtgem or any free hosting site

Hi friends,Google adsense is the highest paying ad network for webmasters.But Its difficult to get approved by adsense, if you not made a good featured site.Many wapmasters are asking,"is google adsense approves wapka/ xtgem sites?".

I am gladly informing that the answer is yes. I have two wapka sites approved by adsense. My a new site has been recently approved by adsense. So I have learnt how to get approval of wapka or any free wapsite . Now I'm sharing the simple strategy of google adsense approval.

1. Adsense don't allow second level domain . So buy a domain .com/.net/.info etc. You can also make free domain like .tk/.cf/.ml etc.

2. Make your site full non-adult. Remove all adult words and images from your site.

3. Post unique and valuable content in your site . If you post unique content your site , adsense will definitely approve your site.

4. Make your site user friendly. Create "contact us" page. It will be best to give a helpline number in your site.
5. Add site to google. Your site must be indexed in google. You are done . Now go to Google Adsense and register . You must remove other advirtisement from your site when you add your site
to adsense.