How to Hide Wapka bottom adult ads without getting blocked

Hello everyone. After few days of absence. I’m writing again on . Today I’ll be writing how to Hide Wapka bottom adult ads without getting blocked!! We all know that now wapka shows adult ads on the bottom ads area of every site created with wapka. So many wapmaster’s wants to hide that. Many of them uses or html comments. But wapka will block your site and your wapka passport if you do so.

So how to hide wapka ads in the safe way? Yes, I’ll tell you Just keep reading. (forward) StepsFirst Log In to your wapka site.

Then Go to::EDIT SITE(#):: > Global Settings > Head Tags(meta,styles..) Now paste this code in the text area and press Set

<style type="text/css"><br />/*Hide Wapka Ads*/<br />/*Sorry Wapka Admin!*/<br />a[href^=""] {display:none!important;<br />}<br />a[href^="/ads"] {display:none!important;<br />}</style>
And then visit your site. And there will be no bottom ads on your site! Since we used CSS3 Selector to hide the ads. So this code prevents the browser from showing the ad, not hide the whole html. So wapka detection system will not be able to detect that you are hiding the ads. In this way you will not get blocked by Wapka. Cheers!! This is Naijapally