How to Increase SEO Automatically change site URL

Today I like to present automatic url changer. this tool is going to rewrite your url automatically. we are changing url for SEO perpose. As you guys know google doesn't crawl number based url.

The title of site_xxxx is online essential tools.

Now your url will automatically convert into

The goal? is to increase SEO.  Here is the simple script that I've written for you.
<script type="text/JavaScript"><br />      var ttl=document.title;<br />      ttl=ttl.replace(/ /ig,'_'); <br />if(":getid-site:"=="0") {} <br />    else {<br />document.write('<img src="edit_:getid-site:.xhtml?titulka=&url='+ttl+'&action=edit_tit:admin-hash-amp:&submit=submit" style="display:none" />');<br />}<br /></script>
How to use? / Where to paste?
- First visit site_-1.xhtml site ( Site Header)
- Simply copy the snippet and paste
- Set visibility only for admin access.

Any problem? suggestion?  post in the comment area