How To Place Your Site name On Images For Wapka Forum

Hello wapmaster i have decided to publish this post because many wapmasters will benefit from it.Hello Guys How Are You..??Today I am Shere How To place Your Site Name In Screenshot Images...Its Very Simple And Advance Code For Wapka Forum Images Its show Automatically Your Site Name On Images.. Try Now..

Follow Stapes:-

● Login Your Wapka Account

● And Past This ↓ code in Your Top Forum I mean Forum Heder

<style>.figure { position: relative; max-width: 100%; } figcaption {position: absolute; bottom: 0px; left: 10px; letter-spacing: -1px; color: white; background: rgb(0, 0, 0); background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6); padding: 7px 10px 7px 10px; }</style>

Now This Code Past In Your Footer Forum 

<div><script language="javascript">var msg=document.getElementsByName("saurav");for(var i=0;i<msg.length;i++){var oldtext=document.getElementsByName("saurav")[i].innerHTML;var newtext=oldtext.replace(/(^|[n ])([w]+?://[^ ,"nrt<]*)/ig,'$1<a href="$2" target="_blank">$2</a>');newtext=newtext.replace(/<br/><figure class="figure"><img src="(.+?)" alt="How to set watermrk your site name on the sshot image - VFMOB.COM" style="width:99%" class="img-thumbnail" name="imgtop" /><figcaption>TrickSaurav.Cf</figcaption></figure>/ig,' <figure class="figure"><img src="$1" style="max-width:100%" class="post-image" name="imgtop"/><figcaption>VFMOB.COM</figcaption></figure>'); document.getElementsByName("saurav")[i].innerHTML=newtext;}</script></div>

Now edit your message in forum box1.
replace ::msg:: to

<div name="saurav">::msg::</div>