How to start Earn money From Uc union program

Today i will Share The most Important post how to Earn money from Uc union app share program. Just Read this Post and You will Be able to Earn 1 to 10 Usd per Day just from sharing Downloading links of android apps like Reward money, paytm , 9apps etc.

1. First sign up for a publisher account Click Here

Very important : enter referral code as “Click” at the time of sign up. After using this code, you will get 10% of our monthly earnings.

2) Just go to ‘Management‘ section and select “submit new site/app” option. Then do the following setting:

> site name and Url :- put anything ( not have site use your Facebook name and URL)

> category : Others

>> Cooperation : Cash

> Ad format : Promotion Link (affiliate)
> click on: continue and wait 48 Hours for site approved 

After approval, go to “check campaign list” section. Refer to the screen shot given below
Then you will see 2 options: 1) Recommended campaign 2) All campaign

Select 2nd option:

Now, you will get see of several apps such as 9apps, 9store, Uc browser  and many more.

3) Right now, uc browser  and 9apps are offering 0.60$, 0.30$ per each install. That means, even if you refer Uc browser /9apps app to 2 of your friends, you will earn 140 Rs. And great part is that you can transfer all this money into your bank account as a real cash! Some campaign may even earn you 0.60-1$ per each app install. Here is the example:

4) Now, select the app that you want to refer from the list and click on ‘promote it‘ button (as shown above)

5) You will get your unique referral link. Now ask your friends to install the app using your link. Now you will start receiving corresponding app commission.

6) You can check your earnings in ‘report’ section. These stats are not real time. It takes 1 day to update your yesterday’s data

How to Redeem earning:

You can redeem your earned money via PayPal or Wire trasnfer (into bank). Minimum payout amount is 10$. If you have any other queries related to the payment contact your Uc union account manager.Please comment on this post for any Help