How To Submit Blogger Sitemap Google Webmaster Tools

Hello Guyz,Blogger is one of the popular website that helps to design a new website. Blogger is powered by Google. So there are many points to care during the beginning of the blogger career and to be successful in blogging.

So, if you are new to blogger then you should be aware of Google webmaster tool. It helps your blog to get indexed in popular search engines like Google. It increases the traffic on your blog. To become a member of Google webmaster tool, you just need to verify your blog ownership and have to submit your blog’s sitemap.

Your blog’s sitemap tells Google about your blog and it’s content. So here in this post we will provide you how to add blogger sitemap in Google webmaster tool.

How To Submit Blogger Sitemap

Step 1:

First Go To Google Webmaster Tools.

Step 2:

Now click on your blog to open your blog/website webmaster dashboard.

Step 3:

Now click on Crawl tab at left bar and select sitemaps option.

Step 4:

Now click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP and copy below code and paste it in field.

For up to 500 Posts:


If you have 500+ Posts then add second sitemap for Next 500 – 1000 Posts:


Step 5:

Now click on Submit Sitemap. That’s it you are done now.

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