How to Users File Gallery/User Upload File code

Hello Guys ,The wapka new code shareing,this how to user file gallery/user upload file wapka code

1. First create a new page (Eg- Users Upload).

2. Now open page and add user upload form (Go to - EDIT SITE > FILE UPLOADER)

3.Now config a user upload form  Text on button - add a text in upload button (eg- Upload) Text or Site display after upload - add some text or site id to show
them after upload (Recommendation

- Add site id of your Users UploadPage)

Allowed file types (extension) - add file types which you want to allow to
upload (eg - jpg,gif,png,bmp) you can also add -mp3,mp4 and other
media formats / Extensions.

- Allowed file size - add file size limit

(0 = unlimited) add only numbers [eg - 2048 (2 MB)]
Enable WCODE - this is a wapka feature to add automatic Wcode to
uploaded file Style of upload form

- This form can contains these variables:

::file:: - Upload form of main file (can be used only once)
::var-ID :: - Text variable
::fvar-ID :: - Additional file
::comment:: - Comment text area (can be used only once)
::submit:: - Submit button (can be used only once)
Important: ID of ::var-ID:: and ::fvar-ID:: must be unique!
Variable ::fvar-I0(parameters):: can contains also additional parameters
separated by ";": - d = Directory ID (must be > 0, otherwise is file ignored)

- l = File size limit (in KB), default value is same as size for main file
- t = Allowed file types (example: t=jpg,gif ), default value is same as types for main file

Example: Upload form with main

file, 2 text variables, 2 additional
files, comment field and submit
button: Upload your file:<br/> ::file:: <br/> Description:<br/
 ::var-1:: <br/> Author:<br/> ::var-2:: <br/>
Comment:<br/> ::comment:: <br/>

Directory - select a directory where files will be saved. [x] User uploads directory has one special feature. If this directory is full, old files are automatically removed to make free space for newly uploaded files. Files uploaded in other directories are not automatically removed and can consume all your free space!

Now you are ready to add uploader. click on submit. you will see upload form on your Users Upload Page.After that we have to display uploaded files in your Page. To do
this go to EDIT SITE > WML/XHTML CODE and add this filelist code -

:filelist: d=DIRECTORY ID:,o=:get-o(tu):,l=10,s=:geti-n(1):,n=<center><br /><br /><br />:color-red:you have no uploads in this dir.:/color:<br /><br /><br /><br /></center><br />,x=u ::<table width="100%" border="1"><div style="background-color:blue; padding:5px;"><br />File %sn%.(%time_added%) - %name%</div><br /><tr><td><img src="%url%" width="80" height="106" alt="%name%"/></td><td width="100%"><a href="%url%">DOWNLOAD</a><br /><br /><br /><br />Hits - %count%<br /><br /><br /><br />Last Usr - %user_last%<br /><br /><br /><br />File ID - %file_id% %del%</td></tr><br /></table><br />:: :user80 filelist:<br /><br /><div align="left" style="background-color:blue; padding:5px;"><br />:*paging:n=:geti-n(1):,u=site_:getid-site:.%ext%?get-n=%n%&get-o=:get-o(tu)::admin-hash-amp: ::<b>PAGES : </b>%n%. | %n%. | %n%. | %n%. | %n%....:br: Total Page: %nlast% :♥/paging:</div><br />
Note : If you are using directory "users upload' or "users gallery" then your directory id is "Users upload'' or "Users file gallery'.