how to Wapka Basic Functions

Hello Guys,The basic function in wapka site ,First wapka site create and new style desing ,and text,link s and cod add

  • New Page

This is the tool for create a new page,ie the same page like your home page. If your create this, it will be blank and you can add/edit anything there. And the first page url will be like this if you wanna link to it from anywhere just put the above code or you want to link from your own site, then used this :site-1: for url of the LINK(explain below)..

  • New Link(Bookmark)

this is the basic tool for creating a LINK weather it is inside your site or external site.. You can link to anywhere in the internet world! You need to specify the link name and the URL to link.

  • Text

With this function you can add any text to your page, but no HTML tag can used here, though you still can used Wapka tags..

  • Picture

This function will help you to fast displaying or add a picture to your page, just go to it and read the instruction at the bottom of the page, if you dont have any picture hen you can upload it right from there..