how to Wapka Forum And Content Manager Facebook Share

Hello Friends,We all know how difficult is has been for us for the past few days. We have been experiencing a lots of problem on wapka. Many many problem... I and others wapmaster have msg wapka team but they are not replying. But as a wapmaster. We are using some tricks to solve this problem ourselves.

One of the problem recently is all Facebook sharer code we got aint working.
But today i can assure you of a working Forum and Cm facebook sharer. Tho this work was done by a Boss Master Lee (doncare) of

Straight to the point.To share Forum topic directly on Fb. Just paste the code in forum style.

And also for CM. Post it in unified diplay page for both music and videos and other files.
<div class="wap2"><script src=""></script> <script>sh_facebook(); sh_twitter(); sh_googleplus(); </script></div>