How to Wapka Forum Stylish Design

Today i'am shared Wapka Thumbnail System Original Themes In Forum Code,I have always reiterated that wapka is the best website builder to build and design mobile wapsite.One of the problem newbie wapka webmaster face is creating and styling a wapka forum.Am not going to explain the various wapka tag use in creating the forum (that could be for another day)

Follow the step below to design your own wapka forum.

Login to your wapka Admin Panel and navigate to the page you want to add your forum.
On that page, create the list of forum you want with your desired name label via Edit Site:: -> Forum
When creating the forum, don’t forget to choose Structure on theme in Forum type.
To Style the look of the forum to be like, follow the step below.

Navigate to Edit Site:: -> Wap2 -> Styles for content in forum/chat -> Set global settings of styles for forum/chat

We are only using “Messages in forum” and “Themes in forum” link under set own form for:
Click Messages in forum, in the text area under Style of messages in the forum:*, add the below code into it;
<div style=”border:1px solid #87CEEB;margin:4px;padding-bottom:1px;padding-left:1px;”><table style=”background-color:#fafad2;border-bottom:2px solid #fafad2;border:1px solid #fafad2″ width=”100%”><tbody><tr><td width=”3%”><img src=”::url_profile_pic::” width=”35″ height=”35″/></td><td align=”left” valign=”top”><b><a href=”::url_profile::”>::tuser::</a></b><br/><span class=”sig”>::prvar-170891::</span></td></tr></tbody></table><div class=”trick”>::msg::</div><div align=”right” class=”forumdate”>::date::</div><div align=”right” class=”::tuser::”><a href=”::url_quote::”>Quote Reply</a>|<a href=”::url_spamreport::”>report</a>|<a href=”::url+vote::”>Vote</a> ::vote-0::+</div></div>
Under Style of the forum site:** 
<head><script type=”text/javascript”> document.title=”::THEME_NAME::”; </script><title>::THEME_NAME::</title><meta name=”description” content=”::THEME_NAME::”/><meta name=”keyword” content=”::THEME_NAME::”/></head>::NOTIFICATIONS:: ::LISTER_TOP:: <div class=”footerz” align=”center” style=”padding:8px”><h1>::THEME_NAME::</h1></div>::MESSAGES:: <div class=”full”> ::SORT_LINK::<br/> <a href=”/site_help.xhtml”>Get Codes Help</a></div><div class=”paging” align=”center”> ::LISTER_BOTTOM::</div> <div class=”noti” align=”left”>::REPLY_AREA::</div>
Leave the input field of Messages separator: blank.

Go back, Click the Themes in forum,Under Style of themes in the forum:* add the below code In Themes separator: add


in Style of the forum site:**

<title>A MUST READ TOPIC</title>::NOTIFICATIONS:: <div align=”left”> ::CREATE_LINK::<br/><a href=”/site_help.xhtml”>Get CODE Help</a><p>::LISTER_TOP:: ::THEMES:: <div class=”paging” align=”center”>::LISTER_BOTTOM::</div>

Important Notice
For the design of the CSS classes and IDs to work in your wapsite, you need to copy and add the wapden css to your wapka site.To do this, copy the css in this link to your wapka stylesheet or add call the CSS by placing the below code to your site head tag (EDIT SITE -> Global settings -&gt HEAD tags ).

<link rel=”STYLESHEET” type=”text/css” href=””/>