how to Wapka SEO Tips Tutorials for High Google Ranking

Hello wapka webmasters.I know so many of you have always wanted to make your
wapka site appear in google search for different keywords. It's not quite easy to get your site fully crawled and doing wonderfully well uin search engines but there are some basic things you need to do that'll get you on track and that brings us to the topic of our today's discussion Before i continue,wapka webmasters,here's a code you might like[Wapka Codes] Add wapka
site to google search for traffic. You can paste it in your wapka site and add your site to google through it.

NOTE:am not sure of it's validity but some says it works.

How to make your wapka site appear in google search we'll be using google webmasters tools to do this.

Halt wapka soldier,i am sure you've already heard about and used wapka toplists,read
more about them and create yours by reading through this tutorial Get traffic through wapka toplist Google webmasters can be said to be a great tool set aside by google to help wbmasters(people that have websites,wapsites or blogs) to be able to monitor and improve their site's perfomance
in the Google search engine effectively. It's important to note that all search engines have their webmasters' tools.some others are:

1. Bing webmasters

2. Yandex wemasters,etc. Now,visit make sure you used

Uc browser or a pc and add ur site. After you add your site,you'll be prompted to verify your ownership of the site/blog. I'll recommend for blogspot users to verify their site using google analytics method and for wordpress and wapka users to verify using html/meta tag method because that's the easiest way for you to prove your site belongss to you.

For blogspot users go to and sign in using ur google account add your blogspot site and a code will be auto generated which will look like this UA-27796943-1. Make sure you copy or write down the code and go to ur blogger dashboard, click on SETTING and then click on OTHER, you'll see a box where you can enter the code you've just copied, paste it there and save it. Go back to google webmaster click on your site and click ALTERNATE METHOD and choose Google Analytics and click on verify,then if it's successful,you'll see something like "congrats you have just added your site and also verify the ownership." Wapka dashboard and functions
we're going to discuss ALL functions and abilities below so if in the past,you've heard any form of confusion with any of them,we'll flush it out soon.just read on:

Basic functions:

- New page(1)
With this,you can add pages to your site.each page has a unique "ID" and YOU CAN ADD AS MANY AS YOU WISH IMPORTANT:

whenever you delete a page,it's gone FOREVER though u can still use it,it's lost some of it's functions like: "You cannot move items to that page" so don't delete
instead,create a page and call it "free pages" then move all your unused pages there".you can always bring them out later.
I made this mistake and am regreting it now.

- New link(bookmark)(2)

wapka makes it easy for us to create links to other websites.i must say this's for newbies who can't use the normal linking which's <a href=" or any site>blablablablah</a>

Yeah,i can still remember using this function to create one of my first links which's to Google.

- Text(3)

This's the normal text,you can impute any kinda stuff there and it'll show just as you typed it,you can play around with it.

- Picture(4)

A Pictures they say speaks more than a thousand words,use this function to upload images that are useful and decorate your wapka site with it.

Her you can equally create categories or directories of pictures,move them up and down,play with them can equally use it as online personal picture storage gallery.

Also,you can upload important icons to decorate your site with here

Advanced functions:

- CM Deployment tool
- Last Update
- Counter
- Forum
- Chat
- Survey
- On-line counter
- Advertisement
- Searching
- Mail Form - WML/XHTML code
- Ex-loader

- File Uploader Abilities: > Move items(5) > Delete items(6) > Edit items(7) > Copy items(8) Settings:
- Change title
- Add autocontent
- Automatic redirecting

- WAP2(9)

- Users(0)

- Global settings(*) Support:

- Last Update Manager

- Content Manager

- File Manager

- More advanced functions This is sort of wapka self made tutorials on Highly advanced as well as some basic ones you can always refer to them because they can prove useful.