is a web information company by Amazon that gives the ranking data of the website. It gives a metrics that determine the quality of your website. The daily traffic and page views decides the Alexa ranking of the site. To increase alexa rank you need to unique visitors.

 Alexa Rank

There are some easy ways to increase alexa rank of your website.  This article will teach you how you can decrease your website’s alexa rank fast and easily by using some strategy.
1. Use alexa toolbar
Alexa toolbar plays an important role to your website. So install Alexa toolbar into your all browser. You can get it from here
2. Add and verify your Website on
Add and verify your website from here or you can easily claim your on by Sign up and verify meta tag.
3. Don’t use nofollow backlink
This is avoided by search engines while indexing and crawling.
4. Connect to Social networking sites like facebook, Google+
Create a facebook page of your website and share your all post link on facebook page. You can do the same thing on Google+, Twitter. This will help to get Daily visitors for your website and earn some backlinks.
5. Put up an Alexa Rank Widget
You can create the widget of your website from here. It displays the Alexa ranking stats of your website on each of your pages and blogs.
6. Submit your website on all search engines
This is the best way to increase your  site’s traffic. Add your site on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yendex etc