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KingRoot – The Best One Click Android Root Tool APK/Software For All Android Phones & Devices.

offers the fastest and easiest one click root tool that comes in both PC and APK installations. Enjoy the best rooting experience with the highest success rate! Try it for Free!

Why Root? – Benefits of KingRoot

Unlocks your Android device’s full potential to unlimited possibilities.
Rooting your android devices is always intimidating to many. You might be afraid to screw up your mobile devices or tablets and at the same time losing your warranty. As scary as it may seem, rooting your devices will only provide extensive benefit that outweighs the risk involved. Once you have experience the capabilities of a rooted device, you will never want to unroot it anymore.
Why Root Android? - Benefits of KingRoot

Still unsure whether to root or not?

Truth to be told, rooting is not as risky as what others might say, yes it may void your warranty, but if it is done properly, chances of screwing up your android devices is as good as zero. Check out our posts on how to root android devices safely and securely if you have not done so. But if you have, move on to see the what are some of these benefits that may change your decisions to root your device.

List of Rooting Benefits:

  •     Speed Up
  •     Save Battery
  •     Uninstall Bloatware
  •     Remove Ads
  •     Better Backup
  •     Customization